Elementary School


History serves as the spine of our curriculum, and literature is chosen as it pertains to the time period each grade studies. Students learn history through the Story of the World curriculum and historical fiction. 

Language Arts is a multidisciplinary study which includes literature, grammar, vocabulary, writing, and spelling. Throughout their years at City School, students engage in narration, a practice of intensely focusing on language and content (while the teacher reads) and then recalling precisely what was read. In the early grades, we emphasize literacy, and from there students advance to Wordly Wise, A Beka, and Spell to Write and Read.

Math is taught at an accelerated pace using the Saxon curriculum. While challenging, the curriculum teaches concepts in small, digestible pieces and holds students accountable to previous lessons through constant review.


Science is studied and experienced through narration and project based learning: when you walk through our classrooms, you’re sure to see student-made bird models swooping from the ceiling or planet projects orbiting the Sun.

Music and Art classes are twice/week, and PE is 3 times/week.
There is also daily free-play Recess.