Middle School


At City School we care about the whole person: academic achievement, character development, and living in community. As such, we have developed a document that outlines some goals for our graduates. An ideal graduating student:

  • possesses a strong foundation in academic skills

  • serves others in a diverse community

  • possesses a well-regulated will

  • adapts & perseveres when challenged

  • enjoys God & His kingdom.


Middle Schoolers have the opportunity to participate in a rich and diverse academic experience:

  • We read and memorize the Bible and pray together every day.

  • We “set a feast” of rich, soul-nourishing materials for students to encounter.

  • We practice delight in literature, reason, history, art, music, poetry, and the natural world.

  • We learn communally during class times: prioritizing narrations, discussions, and explanations by students over direct teaching by the teacher or tech-­enhanced learning.

  • We affirm differences of cultural background, income level, religious tradition, academic, emotional, and physical talents and abilities, and future schooling and vocational paths.